Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Calm Before the Storm

The night before my trip, I checked myself into the Holiday Inn Express near the airport - it's where all the rock stars stay. The plan was to make things a little more easy going for my 8am flight the next morning. I would enjoy my alone time, by doing a 'few of my favourite things'. Writing being one of those things, so I brought my new boyfriend Jack, as in 'Apple Jack' with me and took advantage of this time to bang out a few words. See I really am a writer, I know this image doesn't evoke the same kind of Hemingway in Cuba writer vibe, but hey, baby steps people, baby steps. True, my drink of choice is very different too, and the stories told after I've had a few bottles of water, well, they wouldn't be any different from the ones I would tell after one bottle of water, sure there'd be more bathroom breaks, but other than that, the writing would be the same. I was heading to Toronto though and Hemingway did write for the Toronto Star, so obviously we have that tight connection!
After my writing, I decide it's music time. I was thrilled that the room had an iPod dock, this would allow me the freedom to dance around the room and flail my arms wildly about without the worry of getting caught up in my earphone cord. OK, so I never danced around the room while I was there, but you do see that kind of thing in movies, so I thought I'd throw it in for good measure.
So, to re-cap, no booze and no dancing and as you can see from the time on my iPod, no late night shenanigans either. Please don't prejudge me though, I was saving my energy for when I was to meet up with my friend Sande days later. Or did I have a crazy night on my own and trash the room ala Townshend, only moments after these photos were taken? Am I covering up the truth, terrified that the details will come out later down the road in my writing career?! So am I spinning you a story to make myself look good?
Hmmm...Anybody who knows me, knows I'd never trash a hotel room!! Sure I've done some slightly crazy things at times, but I'd hardly put walking around in the fountain of the Vancouver Art Gallery on par with destroying furniture in some mad 'creative' frenzy!! Besides, the money that I would owe from doing such an outlandish thing, would seriously cut into my clothing budget, yeah, so not going to happen!
Nope, a quite night in with the sweet sounds of Ron Sexsmith to keep me company, while I put my feet up and had a well deserved break.
Yes, that kind of sweet solitude is hard to come by these days, so I treasure such moments when they do come my way.
So this would be the calm portion of my story.
Stay tuned for the storm portion, available on news stands soon, or more accurately, here on my blog within the next week.
I know, look at me with all of this edge of your seat kind of story telling....like a cliff hanger on a soap opera!
Hello? Anyone still here??
I bet you've all just dashed away and marked your calendars with a reminder to check back...yes, that's it, I thought I heard the sounds of crowds running.
To Be Continued.....