Sunday, May 23, 2010

Q: Why Did the Ice Cream Cone Cross the Road?

It seems just like the chicken, he needed to get to the other side, but why?

Well from this shot it appears that he's about to be plowed down by a car...I guess that's one way to get to the 'other side'?!

Now we see him making his way across the road....

He sizes up the competition...

And he starts to bust a move, clearly to the annoyance of Mr. Little Caesars!

He's now in full, 'you can't compete with my wicked outfit mode'!
So it appears that he crossed the road for that old adage, 'location, location, location'! He knew a good marketing opportunity when he saw one.
He came, he saw and he conquered!!
It seems that Caesar has been stabbed in the back, yet again!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Deep Thoughts

Do mishaps happen to me because I'm a writer, or am I a writer because mishaps happen to me. Hmmm....must ponder this one further.

Photo comes by way of the mirror in the loo at the hotel in Toronto. A paparazzi moment and lost in thought combo. The mirror is the perfect tool to look beyond yourself, I've done this since I was a kid. Maybe most people see what's in the mirror but I'm always looking to see what's beyond that image. Yup, I've been an odd ball for years!!

Clean as a Whistle

On my recent trip to Toronto, I noticed that the city was very clean - and I think I know why. May I present exhibit A....a duster, lying there waiting to be picked up and put to use. I'm betting if I had more time to wander the city, I would've noticed more of these little pink puppies. I think it must be some Toronto law that, when you spot one, you must pick it up and do a little dusting before dropping it off at a new home, maybe a few blocks from where you found it. I'm thinking this is a very smart idea and one that I may put into practice in my home. If I scatter cleaning products through out my house, a duster here, a Magic Eraser there, perhaps guests would feel compelled to pick them up and do a few minutes of work. Worth a shot, right?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blame it on Ernie...(he's the one)

OK, I think many of you already know, I love taking bubble baths. This activity has become my little moment of solitude. A time to reflect on the passing day, think about future writings and plot evil deeds. Ooops, did I just let my dark side show?!
Actually, I rarely plot evil deeds in the bath, it would be too hard to hold onto a set of blueprints in the tub, which for some reason are always a part of evil deed plotting, or maybe that's just in cartoons? I'm also not one of those who can read while soaking in the suds...I really don't get how that works, how do you flip the pages with wet hands?!! I suppose one could hire a Jeeves type of person to handle such tasks, but I'm a slow reader and it would just get uncomfortable, me trying to read quickly, skipping lines to speed up the process and Jeeves using his mental stopwatch to time me, all the while thinking, 'seriously, how long does it take to read 1 page!'
The pressure would be far too great for me, my moment of relaxation would be lost, as would the plot of the story.
Then of course there would be the worry of the bubbles disappearing, my once full tub o'suds would eventually become just a few bubbles floating flat on the surface....embarrassing both me and Jeeves. So, reading is out as part of the ritual, but I haven't completely thrown out the idea of having some company with me.
In walks, (or waddles) RD into my life. RD aka Rubber Duckie is now apart of my ritual. I spotted him at the store a couple of months ago, and I couldn't resist his charms, granted he drove a red sports car - a clear sign of a mid-life crisis,(though I can't say that I'm familiar with the life span of a duck) but he did sport some cool goggles and had a jaunty way about him, I knew we were meant to be together. Since then me and RD have become fast friends, and the fact that he can't turn pages is of little concern to me, because he brings a smile to my face each time I step in the tub.
Oh and there is no worry about RD seeing me naked as the bubbles fade, he assures me that his goggles are of the very outdated prescription variety. RD wouldn't lie, would he? Though I have noticed that he always has a smile on his face.....hmmm....