Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Psst...ya wanna buy a rose bush?

Beware - mad-man on the loose!! He may be armed with a trowel and wheelbarrow - do not approach if seen, call 911!!
If this is direction that crime has taken since I left Surrey, I must say that things have improved greatly! It does make me wonder though - how much can you get for a 'hot hosta'?? How much street cred can this crime give you? Will I see some of these criminals on 'Lockdown'?

I can see it now....
Inmate 1 -'What are you in for?'
Inmate 2 - 'Doing 25 years for murder, you?'
Inmate 1 - 'I'm doing a week plus 50 hours of community service for the theft of some pansies.'
Inmate 2 - 'Oh you a pansy alright!!'

So remember kids, crime doesn't pay. Ok, well it can but I think you know what I mean.

Objects May Appear Smaller

...way smaller!! A few weeks back I forgot to take a lunch to work, no biggie, I thought I'd just hit the BK drive-thru and grab myself a Whopper Jr. and a bottle of water, and yes, I know this seems like a kids meal!! As I'm waiting to place my order, I notice that they have apple juice, so I decide that I'll get that for a change - I know, my life in the fast lane, that's just how I roll. Actually, my decision to change my bevy choice was based on the image that popped into my head of having that nice cold glass bottle of apple juice to hold against my body and feel its soothing chill. It was one of those 30c days that we'd been having, and despite having my air conditioning on, I still longed for that extra shot of cold. So I place my order and get lost in my daydream of my cold bottle of apple juice with condensation o'plenty for extra effect. I pull up to the window to get my goods. The lady hands me my tiny burger bag, and I turn to put that on my passenger seat. As I turn back in anticipation of receiving my bottle of juice dripping in cooling goodness, she hands me this doll sized carton of apple juice that you see pictured. As you can see it's even smaller than a kids sized chocolate milk, in fact I've never even seen such a tiny carton before!! When I say doll sized, I'm talking small dolls, this wouldn't even be enough to quench the thirst of Cabbage Patch Doll!! I'm actually stunned by what I'm being handed, so much so, that I just assume I must be on Candid Camera or something - the lady did give me a bit of an odd look when she handed it to me. I should've said, 'I'm sorry, I think this must be for the garden gnome in the red convertible behind me' (I am imagining that he's at the mid-life crisis stage - the bad fashion sense and the white beard was a dead give-away)! As I assumed that I was on camera at that point, I politely thanked her, and gave her a look like, 'yep, that is what I wanted', no need to laugh at me as I pull away!! It seems that the joke is on me, no TV cameras to be spotted anywhere. I honestly could've sucked back this puppy before I even made it out of the parking lot, but then I would have nothing to wash down my burger with. Instead, I had to have a bite of my burger and then tiny, wee, little sips of juice - akin to the amount of water they give you in hospital to swallow a pill, ya know, in those one inch high cups!! Luckily I didn't choke and I am able to share my story of near tragedy with you. So please if you go to BK and fancy an apple juice, see about getting a price break on a 6-pack, you'll be glad you did!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Things That Make My Heart Smile

The next chapter in the list of things that make my heart go zing!!

Interesting doors - the more worn the better - as this stands as a reminder of how many people they must've welcomed over the years.

The delightful waft of bread baking as I drive past McGavin's Bakery on Langley Bypass.

Beach glass - also known as sea glass or mermaids tears. Basically the little bits of glass that you find along the shores, that have become smooth and frosted as a result of tumbling around in the sea, and on the sand and rocks. In most cases, these little works of art got there as a result of someone littering, leaving their bevy bottles behind - although I prefer to imagine that some drunken pirate threw his empty whiskey bottle overboard in the height of his merriment- but then again, that's just me. I don't like to think of a sad mermaid. I like to say, yo-ho-ho when I find a piece, but again -that's just me.

Rusty things - I just like the way it looks, old nails, barn roofs, and especially old locks.

Chocolate - milk chocolate. Cadbury's milk chocolate makes the top of my list. I'm pretty happy with any brand from the UK though, so much better than North American chocolate. My favourite chocolate shop is Thorntons, and whenever I'm in the UK, I visit them...frequently!! My biggest love is milk chocolate and toffee, together or alone - either way, I'm in heaven! Which is exactly where I was transported to after buying myself a bag of assorted toffees from Thorntons last year. You haven't experienced love until you've had their treacle toffee....must stop here, drool becoming an issue...

A good cuppa - something so satisfying about a good cup of tea, especially on a chilly fall morning.

Jumping in puddles - I know, I'm such a child. How can you resist though...little pools of wonder just waiting to be discovered.

Rolling down a grassy hill - again, I know, I'm such a child. I just find it hard to look at a nice green rolling hill without having the thought of rolling down it. I do tend to resist though - mainly just to avoid bodily harm - damn you aging process!!

The song 'Winter Birds' by Ray LaMontagne - I think this is one of the most beautiful songs - evah!! As a chick with a poetic spirit, this song to me, is lyrically superb. Combine this with some gorgeous soothing guitar and Ray's soul-filled voice, well lets just say, this song moves me. Fills my heart with warmth - *SIGH*
If you're not familiar with this song have a listen via YouTube, and check out his lyrics too.

Linus Van Pelt - yup, I'm talking about Charlie Browns BFF. More about my love for him in a future blog. For now, I just had to declare my love for him. :-D