Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book 'em Danno!!

OK, for those of you who have asked or wondered, no, my book is not completed.
I was going to get my publicist to make this announcement, but then I remembered that I'm not famous, hence, I have no publicist. Having said that, I wouldn't want to be famous, in fact, I'd personally find it rather dreadful! The money that usually goes along with fame, I'd be cool with...all the rest, you can keep. For a gal that really feels rather uncomfortable with more than say umm, 2 people at a time looking at her, well yeah, fame would be an issue. Though a publicist would come in handy for passing on messages for me, like this one, that way I'd at least have one less thing on my to-do list.
When I say my to-do list, it almost automatically implies a single small scrap of paper with a few random jobs jotted down, I'd like that. If I were to actually write down my to-do list, I fear it would more resemble some tightly wound scroll, that once released, would stretch the length of the Trans Canada Hwy! So rather than have that frightening realization, I keep most of my to-do list in my head, and only commit a few selections to paper at a time, almost seems manageable that way. It's actually more like several bits of paper. On my desk right now, I currently have, 1 post-it note, 2 small note pad sheets and 1 old envelope all with things to do written on them, not too bad.
So the delay in the book is partly due to having a long to-do list, and really the rest of the delay is due to living - something which I find is essential in being a writer, breathing, 'it's a good thing'.
Life for me, like most everyone else, is busy. Aside from trying to write my first book, I'm also bringing up 2 lovely wee boys, I do hospital runs a few times every week for my mum, work part-time, try to see friends once in awhile, attempt to learn more about my other passion, photography, continue to add to this blog, run a household somewhat efficiently, and occasionally, I eat and sleep too. Most of the time, somehow, I manage to juggle it all fairly well, all things considered.
Unfortunately, I've lost pretty much most of November and December to either sickness or just the plain ol' busyness of Christmas. My poor youngest son, dealt with a terrible dry nagging cough off and on for about 6 weeks, which meant during most of that time, he'd call out several times each night for me, and usually ended up sleeping with me. So during that time writing had to be put on hold....also during that time, very little sleep was had for either of us. By the time he'd get better for a few days, I'd be so run down from seeing to him, I'd feel rough. Normally I can work through almost any pain, a gift I seem to have inherited from my Welsh warrior mother, but for the last few years, when I get run down, I get an intense sinus headache/earache combo that is pretty close to unbearable, even for me.
These little bouts of pain usually last for about 4 days and then by that time, Owen would be rough get the picture, round and round we went!
This is the biggest reason why I'm so far behind with things. That has been my night pattern for so long and considering night time is when I write, well you can see why no words have been able to escape from my head. Such is life.
So as much as life has been giving me it's fair share of interruptions, I refuse to throw in the towel. I will complete my book, that much I know for sure, but I do need to extend the deadline.
Life continues to throw me a few curve balls, but that's just the way it goes, I will just keep on truckin' until she's done.
So my lovely friends, please stick with me, and think of it as an extension for you too.
For I shall let you hold onto your cash for a little while longer before I have to start doing my best Oliver Twist impression, and beg you to buy my words....hey, I give you all of these words for free, that should count for something, right?
Thank you to all of you who continue to support my writing, it's more appreciated than you'll ever know. Please stay tuned!!
SAM xoxox


  1. Yay! Free words! Woohoo!! :) Of course, they are all treasured and seared into memory for whenever I must recite your blog verbatim, under pressure, for some as-yet-unnamed quiz show I may attend in the future.. And hey, I find you fascinating, strong, and amazing under pressure, so you're also my very own superhero :) And who doesn't love superheroes??

  2. Hey SAM,, Wow!!I get exhausted of just reading all your daily activities,,and to still have abit of time to write your book,, you are OAL,, One Amazing Lady!!
    Yes we all await for your book, but we also understand the most important of all, asides this is the love and care you are gifted with for your family, doing errands,specially driving mum for dialisis and still have abit of time with your friends, write a blog and everything else,Can I call you Super SAM??
    You are one Fantastic,beautiful SAM with an energy that puts you in a much higher level than the Energizer Bunny!!
    As always Keep up the great job!!xoxo


  3. Awww, thanks so much Paul and Carlos for all of your lovely words!!
    I am very fortunate to have such wonderful and supportive friends!
    I don't feel much like a superhero or the Energizer Bunny, but I thank you both for thinking so....I'm just a crazy chick with this dream to write a book. This is something that I have to do for me....and I will fit it in between all of the other things that I have to do - it'll just take longer than I had hoped. Thank you both for continuing to read my words and supporting my work, it really means the world to me. xoxo

  4. can't wait till ur book comes out...

  5. Thank you Harpreet....your support is very much appreciated. xoxo