Monday, July 13, 2009

Things That Make My Heart Smile

The next chapter in the list of things that make my heart go zing!!

Interesting doors - the more worn the better - as this stands as a reminder of how many people they must've welcomed over the years.

The delightful waft of bread baking as I drive past McGavin's Bakery on Langley Bypass.

Beach glass - also known as sea glass or mermaids tears. Basically the little bits of glass that you find along the shores, that have become smooth and frosted as a result of tumbling around in the sea, and on the sand and rocks. In most cases, these little works of art got there as a result of someone littering, leaving their bevy bottles behind - although I prefer to imagine that some drunken pirate threw his empty whiskey bottle overboard in the height of his merriment- but then again, that's just me. I don't like to think of a sad mermaid. I like to say, yo-ho-ho when I find a piece, but again -that's just me.

Rusty things - I just like the way it looks, old nails, barn roofs, and especially old locks.

Chocolate - milk chocolate. Cadbury's milk chocolate makes the top of my list. I'm pretty happy with any brand from the UK though, so much better than North American chocolate. My favourite chocolate shop is Thorntons, and whenever I'm in the UK, I visit them...frequently!! My biggest love is milk chocolate and toffee, together or alone - either way, I'm in heaven! Which is exactly where I was transported to after buying myself a bag of assorted toffees from Thorntons last year. You haven't experienced love until you've had their treacle toffee....must stop here, drool becoming an issue...

A good cuppa - something so satisfying about a good cup of tea, especially on a chilly fall morning.

Jumping in puddles - I know, I'm such a child. How can you resist though...little pools of wonder just waiting to be discovered.

Rolling down a grassy hill - again, I know, I'm such a child. I just find it hard to look at a nice green rolling hill without having the thought of rolling down it. I do tend to resist though - mainly just to avoid bodily harm - damn you aging process!!

The song 'Winter Birds' by Ray LaMontagne - I think this is one of the most beautiful songs - evah!! As a chick with a poetic spirit, this song to me, is lyrically superb. Combine this with some gorgeous soothing guitar and Ray's soul-filled voice, well lets just say, this song moves me. Fills my heart with warmth - *SIGH*
If you're not familiar with this song have a listen via YouTube, and check out his lyrics too.

Linus Van Pelt - yup, I'm talking about Charlie Browns BFF. More about my love for him in a future blog. For now, I just had to declare my love for him. :-D

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