Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Psst...ya wanna buy a rose bush?

Beware - mad-man on the loose!! He may be armed with a trowel and wheelbarrow - do not approach if seen, call 911!!
If this is direction that crime has taken since I left Surrey, I must say that things have improved greatly! It does make me wonder though - how much can you get for a 'hot hosta'?? How much street cred can this crime give you? Will I see some of these criminals on 'Lockdown'?

I can see it now....
Inmate 1 -'What are you in for?'
Inmate 2 - 'Doing 25 years for murder, you?'
Inmate 1 - 'I'm doing a week plus 50 hours of community service for the theft of some pansies.'
Inmate 2 - 'Oh you a pansy alright!!'

So remember kids, crime doesn't pay. Ok, well it can but I think you know what I mean.

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