Monday, May 17, 2010

Clean as a Whistle

On my recent trip to Toronto, I noticed that the city was very clean - and I think I know why. May I present exhibit A....a duster, lying there waiting to be picked up and put to use. I'm betting if I had more time to wander the city, I would've noticed more of these little pink puppies. I think it must be some Toronto law that, when you spot one, you must pick it up and do a little dusting before dropping it off at a new home, maybe a few blocks from where you found it. I'm thinking this is a very smart idea and one that I may put into practice in my home. If I scatter cleaning products through out my house, a duster here, a Magic Eraser there, perhaps guests would feel compelled to pick them up and do a few minutes of work. Worth a shot, right?

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