Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fun With Strangers!

Some people absolutely love a fair, I can't say I've ever been one of those people. Though as an observer and a photographer, well you can't find much better of a location to watch and capture people at their finest.
I've never been one of those kids that loved going on rides - for the most part they give me a massive headache. However, I've always been intrigued by fairs/carnivals. There always seems to be something underlying all of that happiness - I don't know, I think it goes back to when I was about 7 and the circus was in town, me and my brother had free tickets for the show from our school... it was kind of standard issue to come with your report card back in the day. Of course my brother is never happy with just the nice circus show, oh no, he wants us to try and sneak into the 'freak show' which you needed to pay an additional fee to witness. While my brother tried to test the slack between the tent stakes to see if one of the panels had enough give to crawl under, I stood back with great concern running through my mind. I was relieved when some dude kinda shooed us away. I mean, God only knows what was lurking in 'that' tent. No siree, I did not need to see that, I was cool with ye olde trapeze! I like to think that I came through that Ray Bradbury moment unscathed - though it did leave a lasting impression on me.
So while the rest of you hit the fairs in the summer to get your thrills, know that I'll be there too....wandering and wondering what's behind 'that' curtain or 'that' trailer..yup, it's just how I am. I must say though, as a gal who is always inspired by colour, I am in Heaven at the fair. While I do my best to block out the crowds (it's an introvert thing) I am soaking in the sights and sounds and find that side of things pretty thrilling!
Here are a few of my recent people watching photos - the PNE edition. For your best viewing pleasure, click on each image to enlarge to get a better look - especially the first image!!

Here's a classic example of how people's enjoyment levels vary - check out the expression on the kids faces in the front of the car....and then check out the dude behind them - clearly he's not diggin' this ride!

Foam fingers - not just for sporting events!! C'mon, how can you not smile when you see a big foam hand like that! He was enjoying himself - her, not so much.

This lady watches her daughter preparing to go down the slide...then she actually tries to go back the way that she came from so she didn't have to take her turn, but there were too many people so she had to go down.

She makes sure her sari gets tucked in before she launches.... she speeds down she slide grabbing on for dear life, her daughter is almost doubled over in fits of laughter.....

...and she makes a safe landing!! To be fair, I went down this slide last year and it does go surprisingly fast!!

Even monsters get scared!! Here we see mini Hulk in line for the ferris wheel, it soon becomes clear that 'Hulk no wanna go on ferris wheel!' Click on that first photo and check out this kid's eyes....super Hulk like!!

Hulk sleepy.

I'm thinking this man likes garanimals - a perfect match every time!! Only natural he choose the red dragon...and yes, there were other colour choices.

Who doesn't need one of these around the house?? The rasta banana - all your friends will be so jealous!!

Talk about a fish story!! 'He was how big?' This poor woman, not only had this mega fish flung over her back but she also had an armful of other equally fab stuffies. We couldn't take our eyes off of that fish though....I mean, it was crazy BIG. We chuckled as she walked past and she turned to us and said,'what are the chances my kid would get this with one shot'....she looked less than thrilled to be cruising around on one of the hottest days of the summer with her new friends. Heat and plush - nasty!
So there you have it, more fun with strangers....and when the PNE rolls around again you can bet I'll be there...enjoying you, enjoying yourself!!

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