Friday, December 30, 2011

Not The Drill!!!

Years back a good friend of mine was living on the Island, I was talking to him on the phone one day and mentioned that I was heading to Victoria, he said to me 'oh when you're here you should visit Miniature World'.
This made me laugh, I said, 'why, so I can be amongst my people?' He of course didn't mean anything by it, merely pointing out a tourist attraction that he enjoyed, but being only 5 feet tall it amused me that it was the first place he mentioned.
I've always liked miniature furniture, the fine details of these scaled down versions fascinated me. Even when I was a kid and watched The Friendly Giant, my favourite part of the show was the close up of his hand moving around the small furniture in front of the fireplace.
On a recent trip to Victoria I happened upon a shop window filled with miniature furniture and all kinds of doll houses. As I was looking through the selection on offer, I came across this little beauty. I mean what doll house would be complete without ye olde Victorian dentist chair?? One can only assume this would go in the dungeon room?? Thinking of it now, I perhaps should've bought this and put in on the bathroom counter as a friendly reminder for my kids to brush their teeth - probably be a good motivator. Just put a little post-it note on it saying....'this could be you!' Worth a shot.

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