Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lovely Strangers

More strangers and why I love them.

Only at a folk festival is this attire completely acceptable - OK granted, I'm sure (I hope) that she was one of the attractions. Maybe after her clown shift was over she didn't have time to de-clown before catching the Ron Sexsmith gig? I've been to a lot of gigs over the years, but this is the first time I've had a clown in my peripheral vision for the whole show. I was waiting for her to shout out a request for Ron's song 'Clown in Broad Daylight'....never happened though. Pity.Elvis shades, CBC shirt - what's not to love?!!

Captured this trio on the ferry this summer, and what struck me about them was, how much this couple seemed to be enjoying having their photo taken. I mean, I love being behind then lens, but to get me to pose for even a picture or two is painful, let's just say, I'd rather be stabbed repeatedly on the hand with a fork. These two were practically twirling with glee, this is only one of probably 30 poses they did - it was seriously cracking me up. Good for them though - love that they were enjoying the process so much.

Spotted this dude while stopped at a traffic light and I loved the way he looked - What can I say, I'm a sucker for a striped sweater!

This chap was actually spotted by Tony first, I was busy being distracted by some cute dresses in a shop window, when I got a 'pssst' from Tony. I turned my head and this is what I saw!! Of course I went into Secret Agent Mel mode right away and did my casual 'I'm shooting this planter'...but not really, I'm shooting you Mister Awesome!!! I'd say he was in his 70's and in pretty great shape and obviously dang proud of it - and why not I say!! He was all kinds of happy, the white socks with a wallet jammed in them, the short shorts, his lovely snowy white hair - I can tell you, this man was turning heads of both men and women!! Kudos to your chutzpah sir!!

Another drive by shot, taken in Chilliwack. We've all seen these type of folks before, and I know, or guess they want us to question or at least wonder about the signs that they are holding, and for a quick moment I do, but then my thoughts always then lead to what are they like at home. I wonder, do they make dinner, watch Wheel of Fortune and then think, nothing else on the tube I fancy watching, perhaps I'll make a few signs stating my opinions on religion and take it to the streets. I'm not sure that's how their day really plays out, but I do wonder. I don't have a religion to call my own and I'm more than OK with that, but I do have opinions on many other issues. I think if the moment was to take me and I felt like I needed to hit the streets to 'educate' people about some issues, well then, you might spot me holding a sign that says, 'Just say NO to mum jeans'...also an important message.

I was having a wander around Mission with my kids when I noticed this man and something about the scene was quite romantic to me. The shopkeeper sweeping his shop, it's not something you see that often any more and it put me in mind of all the shop tales I heard growing up. My grandparents had a shop in Wales and my mum worked in the shop since she was a small child, so I've heard shop talk all of my life.

This last scene was taken in Vancouver, I was on the other side of the street when I noticed that beam of sunlight shining down. It almost looked like a spotlight highlighting this trio who were deep in conversation. I just fell in love with this little vista.

That's all folks - for now.


  1. you always entertain girl. love your stuff !

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words and for reading my blog - much appreciated!! xo