Thursday, July 17, 2008

He had a spring in his step!

Jimmy likes a spring in his step, Jimmy likes to bounce.
Jimmy looked like a fool!!
While sitting at a table in California Adventure Park, I noticed a man walk past me....he seemed to have a certain bounce to his walk....indeed, he really did have a spring in his step...really!! Seemingly straight out of the 'Jimmy episode' of Seinfeld. I couldn't take my eyes off 'Jimmy' and I managed to snap this pic of his shoe in my 'oh-so spy worthy' manner. These shoes, they did cracketh me up...BIG time.
Unfortunately, Jimmy was wearing dark glasses, so I couldn't tell where he was looking, so I wasn't able to alert Tony to my Jimmy spotting....I had to enjoy this one solo. I actually even forgot to tell him, until we were back home last night and watching Seinfeld....and oh yes, boys and was the Jimmy episode!!! I said, 'Oh, I forgot to tell you about my own Jimmy...!!!'
When I first spotted him, I just assumed that he had some kind of medical deal, but nope, it appears that I too can get my hand on a pair of 'Jimmy's. I noticed on the shoe that in had the word, ZCoil and through my friend Mr. Google, I was hooked up with my own selection of Jimmy's via the Zcoil site!! Check em' out...they are fab-o-dab-ulous!!! I love the ones the lady is wearing on the home page, tres sec-a-see!!! I think she's wearing the 'birth control' model.

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  1. When i saw the home page girl of the Z-Coil, i thought i was seeing a poster for sex in the city. Zazaaa, that's one hot shoe.