Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Boeuf of the Week

Okay my first entry for 'Boeuf of the Week' comes courtesy of my dentist appointment yesterday. Just a regular check-up/ biggie really. My boeuf is with the hygienist that I had, a lovely woman - don't get me wrong, but I believe that I could have easily suffered my demise in the recline position of her chair yesterday.
My issue is her lack of suctioning skills....for some reason during the 'always fun' scaling portion of the visit, she found it necessary to keep the water gun thingy running at a force that I'm sure is the equivalent to the pressure used by the fire department, in combo with just leaving the suction thingy hooked to the side of my mouth...which I might add, gave me a frightening insight into how a hooked fish must feel!! Now, she did occasionally, pick it up and suction, but nowhere as often as I needed. She seemed to be getting lost in her own world, humming away to soft rock tunes....and personally, I could do without an even softer version of the likes of Air Supply and Phil Collins!! For the love of God....isn't it about time that we made soft rock radio stations illegal??!! Also, given the fact that it is extremely hard to swallow with two hands jammed in your mouth - well lets just say I'm happy to have made it out alive!!
Note to my family - if at some point this is indeed how my life is to end, please put in my obituary that I died in a water related accident - that sounds so much more adventurous than saying...I popped my clogs as a result of choking on a lethal cocktail of my own saliva infused with the freezing cold dentist water....oooh the humanity!!!


  1. Ha! That would indeed be a terribly anti-climactic way to die. I'm one of the few people who have almost never had a bad experience at the dentist, having only a few cavities means not too many bad visits. Also, muchly agreed about the soft rock stations. Someone needs to tell these places that play that out-of-touch music that there are current artists who do a much better, more relevant job of "soft rock": Sia, Horsefeathers, Feist, City & Colour, the XX... ETC!

  2. Well my advice to you Dylan, if you were to find yourself in the frightening position that I was in - take ownership of the dang suction thingy....and bring your own music!! Love your selection by the way - now that would make me happy!!! Looks like it may be you and me kid....ridding the world of Air Supply, one dentist at a time!! Thanks for reading! x