Sunday, May 31, 2009

Boeuf of the Week

Ok, here's my latest rant...
The commercial for MultiGrain Cheerios....and I mean the ridiculous 'American version'. The one where they've dubbed an American accent over the British accent....and to add insult to injury, it's an extra annoying American accent!!
Do me a favour! Was it that difficult to understand?? They played the British one for months and then all of a sudden, along comes this new version. Did Americans complain that they couldn't understand what they were saying?? Maybe they could've made it easier but slowing it down or perhaps adding sub-titles.

Sub-title example -
Actual British version - 'what are you eating?'

American sub-title - 'what are you eating?'

Perceived British version (Steve's part to be voiced by *Dick Van Dyke) -

'ello Gov'nah' wot's dat you eatin' den? Cor, day look good don't 'ay, I could murder meself a bowl of dem. Maawl-ee grain you say? Well, I nevah.
You lookin to drop a few stone den darlin'...ah don't be daft, corse you don't need-oo...but it's much bet-ah for you den a bacon sarnie in'it? Etc, etc...

*(Van Dyke's attempt at a cockney accent was cited as one of the worst film accents in a 2003 poll by movie magazine Empire.)

My solution is to release a third version of this commercial...
In this version, it would start off 'American'...then when the woman asks, 'what else does the box say?'
I'd like John Cleese to pop out of the box and say...'my parrots dead, my parrots dead'! Then he'd start asking for cheese....(check out YouTube for full understanding of these references ;-) )
I think that would be no more absurd then the current 'Wonder bread' version!!

Now, not even a 'Spoon Full of Sugar' could make me cereal taste good's put me right off.
They've made a right dogs dinner of it!!!


  1. that IS ridiculous....and why not a CANADIAN accent at least??? My pet peeve is doco's or magazine show segments where they subtitle British,Aussie, NZ or Sth african accents...I mean COME on. It's English in a varied accent! Learnt it, love it, GROW from it! It's like that lightening like lazer pointer thingy they had in the NHL a few years back (don't get hocket coverage here, so not sure if it's still in use but it was SOOO stupid)! How dumbed down do they have to make things? No wonder American kids can't find Canada on the map. Give the kids a chance tv peeps. Nice one Mel!

  2. Next chapter...well just this morning I saw the latest Cheerios commerical...same Brits in it, continued story line...hopefully they spoke slow enough for everyone to understand, if not, I fear they will turn American in the months to come!!
    Aaaah, I can't stand it when they add English subtitles to English speaking people!! They were thinking of adding subtitles to Coronation Street here a few years back and there was outrage!! Even people with no British background were saying, we're not stupid...if you miss a slang word or can still understand the show! Oh, and hey maybe even be open to the fact that we are all different, that's what makes life interesting!!
    Oooh, I almost included the 'glow puck' on my blog...wasn't sure if anyone would remember it. When I first heard that the Fox station was going to add the laser graphic to the puck, I thought it was a joke, but it wasn't April 1st and they were serious. Fox said, it would be helpful as many Americans have a hard time following the puck! I say, try spotting the 200+ lb man chasing it....that might be easier to see!! Don't even get me started on the Americanization of Harry Potter....!!!!

    Thanks for your feedback Kat! :-D xx