Monday, May 11, 2009

Flavah of the Month

Okay, this is a new addition to my blog, although one that I had planned on doing since I started SAM. As you may already know, I love music...if you didn't already know that, you obviously haven't read my entry 'I've Got the Music in Me'...and if that's the case shame on you!...I shall send you to the dungeon where you can think about what you've done - or in this case, haven't done!
I have always searched out new music, as I've always found radio a bit bland.
Unfortunately I think a lot of the best music never finds the audience that it deserves. I find new music in a variety of ways, through reviews, friends' recommendations, or diggin' around the internet and sometimes, just sometimes, when the stars align, the music just makes its way to me. That is the case with the first artist to be featured as 'Flavah of the Month'.
FYI, these are the kind of flavahs that you'll want to go back to time and time again, like a great classic vanilla ice cream as opposed to a licorice ice cream...blaaaah, please don't even tell me that you like that!! Gawd it looks like 'tar in a cone'....nummers?!!
The point is, I don't view these as passing fancies, I'll choose artists that I believe have substance and ones that I look forward to following their careers. In this feature, I will share wid ya what I'm currently listening to, some may have been around for awhile and some are quite new...but I think all of them are pretty great. Hopefully, you'll have a listen and agree.

So without further adieu - how fancy hey?! ;-) (I guess that was further adieu!)
My first 'Flavah of the Month' is....Chris Keys! (Insert fireworks sound effects now). He's a 26 year old, singer/songwriter from Belfast, Northern Ireland. An unsigned gem.
His songs are rich and full, and well put together. His voice has a beautiful tone to it, and has an essence about it that just draws you in.
Check out his sites for a video sampling. Shooting Star is a catchy little tune that will have you singing along by the second playing of it, and Under the Streetlight is a beautiful song that has a soothing quality about it - the chorus just kills sweet to my ears. More info on Chris can be found through the following links - check 'em out, more fab songs are posted there... become a fan on Facebook, order his EP, download his songs or just drop him a line and let him know what you think.,

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  1. Hi mel, That is fab... You do have away with words, Nice one...
    Thats great, thx so much for spreading the word..

    Chris xx