Friday, May 15, 2009

Things That Make My Heart Smile

This feature is mainly set up to remind me all of the things that I love, from the big to the small, and from the common to the obscure. It will be a good reminder to me and maybe you too, of all the things in life that make us happy. I think it's important to find joy everywhere, as I've always been a naturally optimistic person, I try to find something good in almost all situations. If you're open to it, I think in a way, it finds you. It is second nature to me, as it's how my mother is, and how she taught us, and how it was shared with her by her parents and grandparents. I notice my own kids picking up on things in a similar way now too, which makes me really grateful. Life is going to throw you it's fair share of curve balls, but if instead of always trying to dodge them, maybe if you, that ball sounded wicked flying past my'd at least come away with something good. As I am a self confessed kooky chick, my list may have elements to it that seem downright oddball, but that is where the pleasure lies. Being aware to of these things for me is being 'alive' and appreciating the experience of being able to kick around on this ol' planet called Earth for awhile.

The List....

Big puffy cotton bally clouds - these make me crazy with love!

Trees, trees and more trees. Bare crooked Halloweeny kinds, big majestic oaks, weeping willows all swaying in the wind, fire coloured fall trees, full of blossoms trees, odd textured trunk trees....any type of tree!!

The snapping sound of a perfectly ripe grape!! Ya know that little 'snap' when you bite into a grape in its sweet and lovely.

The colour of prune plums....I love the variation of their parts of them even look dusty. When I lived in Surrey, we had plum trees and I loved picking them and studying how amazing their patterns were - quite exquisite I thought! Also the contrast of colour from the outside to the inside, most cool indeed!!

School House Rock!!
'Conjunction, Junction, What's Your Function??' and 'I'm Just a Bill' were two of my favourites! Both performed by jazz great Jack Sheldon...he is one cool cat!! I think that this would've been a fantastic way to learn all of our lessons at the form of some catchy little ditty...I would've got straight A's had that been the case! Thanks to YouTube, I can relive these moments over and over again....also available on DVD, must buy that!

Mr. Dress-Up - my favourite show as a kid. I thought that he was just the greatest artist...evah!! I loved the shelves that were full of toy animals and of course the Tickle could you not love that!! Let's not forget Casey and Finnegan, living in their cool tree house. Although I always thought that Casey was a little cheeky, I just adored Finnegan...with his floppy gray ears, I thought he was sweetest dog. Just thinking about his cute little face makes me happy! The only part of the show that I didn't like was when Mr. Dress-Up would go over to talk to the sinister much as I've always loved birds...this one scared me. He'd be all sleepy in that picture and then every now and then he'd wake up and say some cryptic message!! I'd think, please Mr. Dress-Up, just keep walking...don't stop to look at him!!

The number 7 - always my favourite number. I was born on the 27th in 1967, at 11:07 and weighed 7lbs 13oz, ooh, and my name has 7 letters. I think that's where it started and the number has just always felt right to me. The house where I lived in Surrey had two 7's in its address, as does the house where I live now. The list goes on and on.

Star-filled nights - for some reason, this still can take my breath away. I think seeing a dark night sky full of twinkling lights is just magical. I whirl around like a child with complete fascination whenever I witness this sight.

Donkeys - I don't know what it is about them, but I just think they're really lovely.

The sound of a baseball being a wooden bat. I don't know how to put that sound into words, but I think we're all familiar with it. It's a great sound.

Ok, that's the beginning of my list, I will continue to add to it as I think of other things that bring me joy. :-D


  1. Thanks for sharing your list, Mel! It reminds me of a bunch of things I love too!
    Paul B

  2. i have a CD with all the best school house rocks songs on it - performed by popular 90's musicians....because that's when i bought it :0 Didn't grow up with it but think it was a genius way to teach facts... through music. i mean "i'm just a bill, yes i'm only a bill and i'm sitting here on Capital ba ba..." awesome stuff! haahaha

  3. That's wicked!! I'll have to check out eBay for it. 'I'm Just a Bill' is the best!!
    I think there should be an all musical only have lessons via songs...I'd even consider going back and doing it all over again!!

  4. mel ,your outlook on life and things is always so inspiring ...brings a smile to my face.your mother sounds like she did everything right in teaching you whats really important in life -sometimes they are the little things ...your boys are very lucky .and on a final note did mr.dress up always come in and put his sweater on from out of the closet and slippers on the couch ?
    my son loved ,loved that show .when it would start -he copied him right down to the slippers /too funny .

  5. Thanks for reading it Sherry and for your nice words and kind compliments. It's a great way to live I think - appreciate the small things!
    Haaa, that's cute about your's funny, when I read that, I was thinking of Mister Rogers - but I think Mr. Dress-Up did it too - such a great show!! xo