Saturday, June 14, 2008

38 Special

Just a few fashion to-do's to help make the world a more stylin' place.

-please check that there are no size labels on your clothing before you leave the house...I know this one is on the back of his shorts, so he's not aware of how silly he looks. But please just make a habit of looking for, and removing all tags, stickers and of course pins from your new garments. The fashion world thanks you.

-when you buy a new suit, please remove the fabric tag that is sometimes attached to the outside of the sleeve. It's great to be proud that your jacket is 95% wool and 5% cashmere, but the tag isn't meant as a public announcement of the fibre content. It's strictly to give you the 411.

-also sticking with the suit jacket, and, this sometimes applies to trousers and skirts as well, the pockets are sewn shut....but they are meant to be opened. If you want to keep the shape of the garment as is, fine, leave them shut. But, if you're looking for a home for your wallet or lippie...that's what a pocket is for.
Best to remove the stitches with a small pair of scissors or a stitch ripper if one is handy. There are those cases, when you may have a faux pocket, they are strictly flaps with no pocket underneath to reveal, but most often you will find a lonely pocket underneath those flaps wondering what their purpose in life is. Won't you please help the pockets to feel wanted?

-and the key chain attached to your purse, in that 'cow-hide' know the one, it's says, 'genuine leather'...not to be confused with 'genuine pleather'...anyways, it goes too. Once again, it's info to help you make your purchase. So please, lose it!!
Besides, what if you found yourself in a field of cows one day, (could happen) would you really want to advertise that their good ol'Aunt Betsy is slung over your shoulder...I think not. Angry cows make for a very ugly scene!!
You've been warned!

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