Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When Does It Happen?

This is the thought that has been in my brain for the past few days. It entered my head as I was standing in line at the pharmacy waiting to pick up some pills for my mum. The lady in front of me was probably in her mid-seventies, and had one of those 'old lady' perms. I don't say that to be mean, that's just the best way I can describe her 'do'. We've all seen them before and perhaps our own Nan's had them.
They are the perms that are really tight and close to the head. It just made me wonder....when does it happen? At what age do we decide, it's time.
I personally never envision myself sportin' that look, but maybe that part of our destiny we have zero control over? If we did, why would so many ladies be wearing that look?
Is that what the future holds? Tight perms, plastic rain hats, and hard candy in the bottom of our purses that get caught up in tissues that are so old, that they actually start to disintegrate when they're pulled out of the purse...ya know, they have that cloud of lint that bursts from them.
On the hard candy front, I definitely think that the target demographic for Werthers is the 70-80 year olds, these hard toffees are like crack for seniors.
I seriously hope that this phase of our lives does indeed come with some sort of warning.
Maybe on our first OAP cheque, they could slip in a little reminder...you are about to enter a new phase of your life, you will become obsessed with bingo and lottery tickets, you will only buy shoes that are beige and you can say goodbye to zippers, it's elastic waists from now on baby!!
If we were to receive this heads up, at least we could try to resist some of these changes.
I see myself as a cool hip granny in the future. I have no plans on wearing those faux denim slacks, or having a tight perm. No sir-ee, I plan on remaining the ultra cool chick (work with me) that you see today...only older.
I think I'll go for the long flowing white hair, ala Dumbledore...minus the beard of course. Saying that, I'm sure by then I'll be growing a few whiskers from my chinny, chin, chin....oh GAWD...maybe our fate is sealed!!!
Okay at minimum, I'm ordering up my tight perm with the stylin' mauve rinse....once cool, always cool!! ;-)

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