Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I, Said the Fly, With My Little Eye...

Ok, I just had this flashback of a song that my nan sang to me as a kid. The uplifting tune was called, 'Who Killed Cock Robin' (full rhyme available on Wiki).
*Spoiler Alert* - the Sparrow is guilty!
It is best sung with a slow sorrow-filled voice...super for small children!! It's a lovely rhyme about the bird community coming together to bury one of their own - with the aid of some of the other local animals.
It's a sad atmospheric tune, and my nan really knew how to deliver this song well. Not sure if anyone I know even knows of this catchy little number, maybe people with a British background...oh, how the Brits love to sing songs of mayhem to their kids!!
Anyways, despite the morbid content, it brings back good memories for me...for the Robin - not so much!

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