Saturday, June 27, 2009

Design Intervention

The kind of thing that I love....

This photo was taken in my mum's hospital room, in the ICU ward - obviously not the most pleasant ward to be spending time in. Although, at least in this case she had a corner window room with a bit of a view. However, the outside view wasn't the one that gave her the most pleasure, it was the view of this cute little bird.

As soon as I walked into her room, I exclaimed in my usual childlike manner, 'oh look at that wee bird, he's so lovely!!' By using a Sharpie, someone had transformed an ugly rip in the drywall and turned the mess into this adorable little nature scene. Much more uplifting for the patients I'd say!! I hope they don't paint over him though, I'm sure he brings a smile to the everyone who sees him.
So very tweet!!


  1. See? Things like that reveal a human spirit willing to take bad and make it good.. Very nice =^)

  2. I know, it warmed my heart...*sigh*.

    Thanks for your comment Paul. :-)

  3. beautiful! the way we should look at the world. I have weird eyes - i always see pictures in patterns (drapes, bad wallpaper etc). Makes me happy others do too...

  4. Ha...that is soooo funny. I guess we both have weird eyes...I always see pictures in odd things too...I see a dancer in the tiles in our shower and various other pics in the tile throughout the house. When I was a kid, I could clearly see the face of a clown in our panelling (how very 70's) one else seemed to notice him...but I knew he was there! Years ago I heard that this 'gift' of ours had a special name...can't remember it though...must google it!!